Publication of Open Innovation Report

November 11, 2014

Welsh Government funded study on Open Innovation in Wales

CRIFI has conducted research for Welsh Government on the activities and views of companies in Wales on open innovation. The Final Report has been published: 'Open innovation: the activities and views of companies in Wales’.

The Final Report is informed by global literature and engagement with companies in Wales through several methods, including interviews with 15 companies, a survey and a focus group. This study considers the activities and views of individual companies but also relates these to the innovation ecosystem, which consists of a range of actors. Open innovation depends on a nexus of relationships and resources exchanged between companies, intermediary services, Government and academia.

All the companies interviewed and 85 per cent of companies surveyed through a questionnaire engage in open innovation activities, measured according to a range of inbound and outbound activities. The most common open innovation activities that were used by companies were: collaboration with stakeholders (suppliers, customers, Universities), entering into strategic alliances and external scanning of technologies and markets.

Companies surveyed identified a number of barriers and challenges, including the ‘not invented here’ syndrome –resistance to ideas and knowledge generated outside the company ;risk aversion; and the culture of management (e.g. towards Intellectual Property (IP) protection and collaboration). A lack of funding is a barrier frequently cited by companies. A lack of trust is also as a barrier – smaller companies in particular are wary of their IP being misappropriated by large companies.

The report sets out seven key recommendations for promoting open innovation – and the economic benefits that it can deliver in Wales. These depend on collaboration between business, government and academia. We indicate the organisations that should take these actions forward (business/government/academia/combination).

The study accompanied the Open Innovation Pilot Development Awards funded by Welsh Government to promote collaborative innovation.

The report can be accessed here:
Open Innovation in Wales Report

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