dr-ramdane-djebarni Dr Ramdane Djebarni

Centre Director
Centre for Research in Futures and Innovation

Hefin Rowlands

Prof Hefin Rowlands

Paul Davies

Paul Davies
Senior Lecturer

Dr Geum Young Min

Doctoral Researchers

1. Ms Liwei Xiao:
The aim of Liwei research is to investigate the differential impact of success factors on innovation at various stages and of different types. The research is based on mixed methodology combining in-depth interviews with a large-scale survey in China.

2. Maher Alfadel:
Maher’s research aims to find out the mechanisms through which quality management programmes affect innovation.

3. Lilong Zhang:
Lilong is looking at the role of innovation in enhancing exporting performance in Chinese SMEs.

3. Tim Scheuerer:
Business Modelling based on the future need for funding in the German SME Market.

4. Robert Baustel:
Business Model and Disruptive Innovation in the Medical Devices Sector.


Josephine Green
Visiting Professor

Prof. Mao Yunshi
Director of the Business Administration & Marketing Centre
at Sun Yat-sen University of School of Management, China.

Dr Toni Ahlqvist, Visiting Fellow