ECO-INNOVA is an international project set up 'to build a transnational structure to inform and promote Eco-innovation in SMEs and the creation of eco-businesses’.

The Centre for Research in Futures and Innovation is the partner responsible for delivering project in Wales, with 5 other partners in Spain, Portugal and France.

'Eco-innovation’ has increasingly gained currency as a term to capture the business and societal needs to respond to global environmental and resource challenges. The working definition used by the Eco-Innova Project is that offered by the EU SYSTEMATIC Panel on Eco-Innovation (2008):

Eco-innovation is “the creation of novel and competitively priced goods, processes, systems, services, and procedures designed to satisfy human needs and provide a better quality of life for everyone with a whole-life-cycle minimal use of natural resources (materials including energy and surface area) per unit output, and a minimal release of toxic substances”.

Key project activities and outputs

The two substantial workpackages and outputs for the project are:

  • Definition of an eco-innovation strategy that can be used by European regional and local authorities. This involves an analysis of the eco-innovation practices and perspectives of SMEs, public authorities and independent experts.
  • Development of an eco-innovation toolbox

ECO-INNOVA is funded by the EU’s INTERREG Atlantic Area Programme