European Foresight Study: Cultural Heritage

AHRC project on cultural heritage futures

The Centre for Research in Futures and Innovation is conducting a Foresight Study on Cultural Heritage for the Arts and Humanities Research Council, UK. It forms part of a European programme – with 17 countries – to develop a strategic research agenda for cultural heritage.

The Foresight study explores changes in the context for cultural heritage, particularly around new technologies, social changes and values, and environmental pressures.

Study leader:Prof Martin Rhisiart

Futures Literacy Scenarios Workshop

A group of international experts in cultural heritage participated in a Futures Literacy Scenarios Workshop, organised by the University of Glamorgan and the Arts and Humanities Research Council.

The 2-day workshop took the experts through a Hybrid Strategic Scenario/Futures Literacy process – a learning by doing approach that stimulates participates to move from current expectations and normative assumptions to reframe radically systemic conditions and boundaries. The groups subsequently considered strategic options and decision-making in the present based on this rigorous re-framing process.

Dr Riel Miller, Head of Foresight at UNESCO, presented the Futures Literacy model and facilitated discussions during the two days.

FL Workshop Workbook