Past Projects

FUTURREG: Futures for Regional Development

Martin Rhisiart was Project Director and Principal Investigator and Gethin While Project Manager of this EU funded project which researched and developed futures approaches for regional development organisations.

FUTURREG was designed to ensure that regional policies and regional development organisations were informed by high-quality futures tools and participatory processes with significant long-term impacts. The multi-annual project was funded by the EU under the INTERREG IIIC Programme, helping Europe’s regions form partnerships to work together on common projects. A network of 7 highly reputed European research and regional development experts in the field worked as a network with to develop and implement the project.

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Cultural and Creative Economy
(June 2005)

Martin Rhisiart also researched linkages between Welsh language, culture and economic development at a macro level (e.g. global trends; policy and strategy) and micro-level (new product development and commercial opportunities) and wrote produced a scoping study on Welsh language, culture and economy Capitalising on language and culture: Language-Culture-Economy (June 2005), in report form for Menter a Busnes (an independent company that helps Welsh speakers and people in Wales generally to contribute towards developing the economy). This report identified promising and growth sectors for creating new products and services that capitalise on culture and language.

(pdf)* Download Capitalising on language and culture report (PDF, 350KB )

Centre Director Martin Rhisiart has also been Principal Investigator on a number of other significant EU-funded futures and innovation oriented projects:

NPD-NET: New Product Development based in Inter-Regional Networks

An EU project led by the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. NPD-NET developed new product development (NPD) roadmaps for use by innovation agencies and companies EU-wide.


Another EU project integrating Foresight, R&D data, benchmarking, market intelligence and technological skills with an IT platform for regional decision-makers.

European Regional Sustainable Development Network

The research and project management required to establish a pan-European Sustainable Development network for regions, which as funded in Wales by the Welsh Assembly Government. Martin also co-authored and edited one of the project’s more significant outputs – Sustainable Regions: Making Sustainable Development Work in Regional Economies (2004).