Publication of Special Issue

Special Issue on Ethical Issues in Futures Studies; Guest Edited by Martin Rhisiart, Roberto Poli & Simon Brooks

A special issue has just been published in Futures (Vol. 71) on Ethical Issues in Futures Studies. The Special Issue brings together a range of theoretical and case study papers. Dr Martin Rhisiart was the Managing Guest Editor and co-authored a paper with Toni Ahlqvist: ‘Emerging pathways for critical futures research: Changing contexts and impacts of social theory’.

As the Introduction to the Special Issue states:
“The papers published in this Special Issue illustrate ethical issues that are being addressed by those engaged in the futures field. There is a common thread that runs through all of the papers in this Special Issue: the importance of developing the futures field with other application environments and other branches of knowledge. Ethical issues are framed and rehearsed across a range of settings (exemplified in this Special Issue in organizational decision-making, industry approaches, and education), highlighting future-oriented questions in everyday practices. Enhancing engagement with social theory, philosophy and other areas strengthens the conceptual (and practical) frameworks for addressing ethical issues in futures studies. This Special Issue makes a contribution to this rich and important topic, which we hope will stimulate further contributions to knowledge through commentary, case studies and theoretical development, as well as supporting reflective practice.”