Projects and Research Areas


This section of the website provides details on projects undertaken by staff of the Centre for Research in Futures and Innovation (CRI-FI).

Assessing technologies and prioritising research areas

Third Sector Futures

CRIFI has conducted research for Welsh Government on the activities and views of companies in Wales on open innovation. 

We are working with Z punkt to deliver a qualitative Foresight project for the UK Commission for Employment and Skills. The study analyses trends and potential disruptions for skills and employment and is engaging with senior leaders and experts to develop 2030 scenarios for the UK.

We are undertaking a project for the Arts and Humanities Research Council to explore changes in cultural heritage. The work supports the development of a strategic research agenda for the field.

CRI-FI has undertaken a Foresight Project for Forfás on global drivers and their implications for research and enterprise policy.

ECO-INNOVA is an international project set up 'to build a transnational structure to inform and promote Eco-innovation in SMEs and the creation of eco-businesses’.

CRI-FI is acting as a project partner in this INTERREG IVB Project tasked with developing and delivering specific futures methodologies and workshops.

The Arts Council of Wales (ACW) has commissioned CRI-FI to research into the drivers of change that may impact upon arts and culture in Wales over the next 10-20 years.